MONDAY, MAY 2ND: -- words
TUESDAY, MAY 3RD: 1,188 words
WEDNESDAY, MAY 4TH: 2,762 words (and by now I have more than half of the total amount of words I wrote last week!)
THURSDAY, MAY 5TH: -- words
FRIDAY, MAY 6TH: -- words

Total: 3,950 words

UGH... I think I jinxed myself on Wednesday, when I started celebrating way too soon. But, I must say I spent Thursday and Friday writing a synopsis and getting the politics of my story's world figured out (a few parts were still confusing to me, and now finally everything makes sense), so MAYBE that counts as progress. No. I'll go ahead and say that it counts as progress, yes!

Last week was particularly rough for me, because it was the first Mother's Day since my mom's passing. My main character is very close to her mom, so sometimes it's hard for me to write these scenes, knowing that I no longer have my mom around. There's so much I wish I could put in words, but I need to tone down the manuscript a bit. My main character isn't me. She hasn't gone through the same experiences I have and hasn't experienced loss. I need to be very careful when writing these scenes, just so I don't let my own sadness through.

Do you guys ever struggle with having to put up barriers between your own feelings and your characters'?