We were remarkably early for breakfast today--and by remarkably early I mean we actually arrived before the restaurant was open. The restaurant was Saturn, and I was very appropriately wearing my NASA shirt.

I believe we're becoming morning people. We even wake up at the same time with the Sun rising, and we do wake up sometimes without the help of an alarm clock. You should be proud. We've been meaning to become morning people for a while now, and thanks to Thanksgiving (no pun intended) we managed to shift our body clocks to Florida time. We were in Florida last week visiting family, you know? Shifting to their time was brutal on the first two days, but it then became easier and easier. When we got back to California it was much easier to just go to bed early and get up early.

That's good, you know. We get more sunlight. Berkeley has bouts of gloomy weather, and we sure need all sunlight we can get. Getting up at 7AM every day allows that. It sure does. And you know what else we get? Life possibilites. We can get more work done, AND more playing done. We get to go out and be back home and still have loads of hours ahead of us. :)